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This is a premium feature available with Astra Pro Addon plugin. To use these Pro features, you need to have the Astra theme along with the Astra Pro Addon installed on your website.

这是一个高级功能可用的 Astra Pro Addon插件。要使用这些专业版功能,你需要在你的网站上安装 Astra主题和 Astra Pro Addon插件。

You can design attractive Page Title/ Page Header area with breadcrumbs, background color/image. You can also design site header to suit your page header design on the particular page.

你可以设计有吸引力的Page Title/ Page Header与面包屑,背景颜色/图像。您也可以设计站点标题,以适合特定页面上的page header设计。

Quick Steps on How to Design Attractive Page Headers Using the Page Headers Module –如何使用page header模块设计有吸引力的page header的快速步骤
Step 1: Make sure you have the Astra Pro Addon plugin installed and activated. How to Install Astra Pro Addon plugin? –步骤1:确保你已经安装并激活了阿斯特拉Pro插件。如何安装Astra Pro插件?
Step 2: Activate the module from the Astra Options under the WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Astra Options –第二步:从WordPress Dashboard Appearance > Astra Options下面的Astra Options激活模块
Step 3: Visit Page Headers section [ Appearance > Astra Options > Page Headers ] to design page headers –第三步:访问页面头[Appearance > Astra Options > Page Headers]来设计页面头

Astra Page Headers Addon Activation

After activating a module click on Settings option to get started.


Now you can see Page Header option under the Appearance tab, below Astra Options.

现在你可以在Astra选项下面的外观标签下看到page header选项。

Astra Page Header Settings

Add a new page header & give an appropriate name to it.

添加一个新的page header,并给它一个适当的名称。

Choose options for Page Header, Site Header set the Display Rules and you are done!

选择page header选项,网站标题设置显示规则,你就完成了!

 Page Header #

 Layout #

It will arrange the page title and breadcrumbs (if enabled) on one another, in the middle of the page.


Page Headers Center Aligned

It will appear on the front end as –


Astra Page Headers

 Inline #

It will display the page title and breadcrumbs (if enabled) in the right and the left side.


Page Headers Inline

It will appear on the front end as-


Astra Page Headers Inline

 Display Breadcrumb 显示导航 #

Breadcrumbs show the current location of the user on the website. It is often used as a secondary navigation that allows users to go up and down in the hierarchy of links.


You need to enable this option if you want to display breadcrumbs.


Display Breadcrumb

It will appear on the front end as –


Breadcrumb Example

 Title and Breadcrumb Colors –标题和面包屑颜色 #

You can set colors for title and breadcrumb text with this options.


Breadcrumb Color

It will appear on the front end as-


Breadcrumb Color Example

 Background Size –背景的大小 #

You can define a height for the page header with this option. It enhances the page header design.


 Custom Size –自定义大小 #

You can define Top and Bottom Padding for the page header. Custom Size can be given any positive number with or without units as “5px” or “5px”. Default unit is in “%”

您可以为page header定义顶部和底部填充。自定义大小可以给定任意正数,带有或不带有“5px”或“5px”这样的单位。默认单位为”%”

Astra Page Header Custom Size

It will appear on the front end as-

Astra Page Header Size Example

 Full Size #

It will display page header as a full screen.


Astra Page Header Fullscreen

It will appear on the front end as –

Astra Page Header Fullscreen Example

 Background #

You can set color or image as a background for page header.

您可以设置颜色或图像作为page header的背景。

 Color #

You can choose a color from color picker for page header background.

您可以从颜色选择器中为page header背景选择一种颜色。

Page Header Background Color

 Image #

You can set a background image for page header with this option.


Astra Page Header Image Option

You get following advanced options with this-
Override this image with the featured image on individual posts & pages.
If you want to override the above background image with the featured image that you have set for a particular post or page, enable the option.



Overlay Background Color
If you enable this option, background color (if set any) will be applied as an overlay for the background image.



Page Header Overlay Background Color

It will appear on the front end as –

Page Header Background Image Example

In the parallax effect, the background image is moved at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling.
Enable this option if you want parallax effect for the background image.


Page Headers Parallax

If you want to remove Page Title from page header, you would need to use custom code (filter).

如果您想从page header中删除Page Title,您将需要使用自定义代码(过滤器)。

 Site Header #

If you wish to customize the current site header along with the page header, you can use this option.

如果您希望自定义当前site header以及page header,您可以使用此选项。

When you customize your site header with this option, all settings under Site Header tab will override the customizer settings for current site header.

当您使用此选项自定义您的site header时,site header选项卡下的所有设置将覆盖当前site header的自定义设置。

 Merge Page Header with Site Header –合并Page Header和Site Header #

This option will merge the page header with the current site header. It will set a current header as transparent and pull the page header to the top. Enabling this option will display the advanced customization options list.

此选项将page header与当前site header合并。它将当前page header设置为透明,并将page header拉到顶部。启用此选项将显示高级定制选项列表。

Merge Page header with Site Header

It will appear on the front end as –

Transparent Header Example

 Site Identity #

This allows you to choose a logo for your header different than your site logo. Leave this empty if you want to use the same logo as your site logo. You can add normal as well as retina logo and can set easily set a logo width.


 Customize Site Header #

When you merge the page header with site header, background set for page header will be applied automatically to the site header.
You can set Background Overlay Color, Border Bottom Size, and Color for your site header with this option.


Customize Site Header

It will appear on the front end as –

Customize Site Header Example

 Primary Menu #

If you want to override the current menu colors for the site header, use these options.
You can set Background Color, Link / Text Color and Link Active / Hover Color with this.


Site Primary Menu

 Submenu Color Options [NEW] #

From Astra Pro v2.5.0, we are introducing separate options for Link Active Color, and Submenu Color options as shown below. Similarly, these options will be seen for the Above Header, and Below Header Link and Submenu color options too.

从Astra Pro v2.5.0中,我们引入了单独的链接活动颜色选项和子菜单颜色选项,如下所示。类似地,这些选项将看到上面的标题,下面的标题链接和子菜单颜色选项。

Astra Site Header New Color Options

 Custom Primary Menu #

If you want to display a different menu that your Primary Menu, you can select it from the drop-down. All menu available on site will appear in the drop-down.


Custom Primary Menu

 Custom Menu Item #

It allows you to add a custom menu item at the end of the selected menu from the above option. You can select a custom menu item from the drop-down.


 Note: #

This option wouldn’t be available if you’re using Header Footer Builder (available with Astra theme versions 3.0.0 and above).

如果你使用Header Footer Builder (Astra主题版本3.0.0及以上),这个选项将不可用。

Custom Menu Items

 Customizer Setting #

Choose this if you want to display Custom Menu Item set for Primary Header in the customizer.


Astra Customizer Settings

 Search #

It will add a search icon for a search box at the end of the selected menu. When you click on the icon search box will appear.


Custom Menu Search

It will appear on front end as-

Astra Search Icon

 Text / HTML #

It will allow you to insert text and HTML element code. You can insert a call to action button, contact number, email address etc.


Custom Text Options

 Widget #

You can add a widget to the header with this option.


Widgets Outside

After selecting the widget option as a custom menu item, you will able to set a widget from Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Header

选择小部件选项作为自定义菜单项后,您将能够从Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Header中设置小部件

Astra Widgets

Choose any WordPress default widget or you can use any third-party plugin to add a widget to the list.


Take custom menu item outside –将自定义菜单项移出
This option allows you to separate your custom menu item from the selected menu. It will show your custom menu item separately on responsive devices-


Take Custom Menu Item Outsite

Note: If you have activated Header Section Addon and using Above and/or Below Header section, then you get an option to customize them


 Display Rules #

 Display On #

You can choose your page header to display on specific pages, posts on your site. Choose a location from the list. You can Add Display rule and/or Exclusion rule.


Page Headers Display Rules

 User Roles #

You can decide a user role for which page header should be visible.


Page Headers User Role

We have designed a demo using Page Headers Addon. It will show how you can creatively use Page Headers Addon.

我们设计了一个使用Page Headers插件的演示。它将展示如何创造性地使用Page Headers插件。

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